Engineered Subsystems for Automation

Precision components, stable control and a great deal of experience in engineering are essential for high-precision complex motion and positioning solutions. PI is a supplier of technologically sophisticated motion-centric solutions and therefore makes use of own drive components and high-precision positioners. All levels of integration can be offered up to multi-axis combinations that use different drive technologies including motion control.

Engineering designs of motion subsystems have been a part of PI's core business for many years. Customized solutions, fitting seamlessly into existing processes, advance automation in major research installations as well as manufacturing and inspection processes for chip production or photonics packaging.

Steps Towards Success

Define together what the exact purpose of your question or application is
Cooperate closely with you on an engineering design level during the concept phase to find the perfect solution
Provide a technical and business proposal
Detail the complete system
The system is assembled, tested, approved by the customer and then delivered

Engineered subsystems are an essential approach to support our OEM and system integration customers. We also offer integration to our highly capable families of PI and ACS motion controllers.

Dr. Cliff Jolliffe, Head of Market Segment Industrial Automation