Why use the workspace

To make changes on the current website use the Workspace.

All content elements are displayed here and you can edit items without changing the live content.

How to get into the workspace

To get into the Workspace click the button in the red Box

And choose the "Draft Workspace" mode

The green bar indicates you are in the Workspace mode.

The orange bars indicates these sites have been edited.

Just edit the page and content you want.

How to check the changes

To look at your changes on the website either:

1. Click the eye button 


With this view you can switch between the live and the workspace view by dragging the lever from left to right.

Or click the Workspace button on the left bar and after click the eye button to get to the website link

    How to publish the changes

    If you want to transfer you changes to the live mode also click the workspace button on the left bar than mark the items you want to transfer and choose the action.

    Before publishing the changes you can add a comment to let the others know what you did.