Selecting Create new record

As for any item in the storage, you need to select the storage you want to create the item in and click the "Create new record" button indicated by the black arrow.

Selecting the element Download

A list of diffferent item will  open and if you want to create a file for download, click the button "Download" inidcated by the black arrow.

Configuring the download element

- Black circle: First of all you have to choose the language of the site you are going to offer the document for download. Default is English.

- Red circle: You can categorize your document as just internal, so no one exept of PI employees can see and download them.

- Black arrow: Name your document. It will be visible as a teaser before downloading the file.

- Green arrow: Choose the file for download by clicking on "Create new" and the box on the right hand side will appear. Here you first have to choose the document from the filelist by clicking on "Create new relation". Every subsidiary has its own filelist, where to upload files, images and link youtube videos. After choosing the document, set the language of the document itself.

- Red arrow: Insert a short description of the document. It will be visible as a teaser before downloading the file.

Selecting a category for your document

Another obligatory field, to be able to save the document for download is the "Categories". You have to choose a subcategory of "News", in which your document suits the best. Have a look on the options in the green circle.

Selecting the element Newsarticle

If you want to create a Newsarticle, that will be automatically visible on the News Overview page of your site, you can choose the item "Newsarticle" indicated by the black arrow.

Configuring the Newsarticle

Configurations indicated with a red triangle with exclamation mark are obligatory. You have to fill them to be able to save your Newsarticle. For example the date, title and also the teaser, as you will see these fields as a preview in the overview and on the front page. Also the URL is obligatory, but remember, it must be in English letters, also for Japanese, Chinese or Korean articles and it can't be changed after displaying it online. If you absolutely need to change it, please inform us, so we can check how to handle it.

- Black arrow: Indicates the body text. This part of the text will be visible just when the user clicks onto the newsarticle. Before he will just see the title, the teaser text and the overview image.

- Green arrow: Choose an overview image that will be shown with your teaser as a preview on the newsarticle. If you go to see the whole newsarticle, the overview image will also be visible. Edit the image to be in 16:9 format.
Choose also more images that are only visible in the newsarticle and look like an image gallery.

- Red arrow: Here you can add download items you uploaded before. To use download items, you have to first upload it on your filelist and then create a download file with the uploaded file in a storage. You can use the same storage as for your newsarticle. You will then have a list of download files and newsarticle files in the same storage.

You can also add the special menu "page list" to your news page.
Select the page preview you would like to show using the record selector.

A preview of the selected page will then appear on your news page.

Under the tab SEO you can add a page title, a description for Google and keywords.

The "Page title" is mandatory, because it is also used in the breadcrumb.

You can also set a canonical for news articles.

Whenever you have similar pages (at least 80% of the content is the same) within one country and language, you need to add the canonical information to show Google which page shall be ranked first.

This can be the case, for example, if a blog article deals with the same content as a news article. Then the blog article can be set as canonical.

Another obligatory field is the category. For your newsarticle you have to choose a category to which your article suits best. Have a look on the available categories indicated by the green circle.

You cannot choose "News" as a category itself. 

Selecting the item Location

To create a new address that can be inserted with the item single location, you can choose the item "Location", indicated by the black arrow, in the storage you want to create it.

Insertint the infos wanted

Now you can insert in the address record all the information you want. For example, if you want to make a referring to a single person, you can insert her/his name in the title, insert a picture and the address. If you want to insert a company, you can also insert the name in the title field without a image, as it is not obligatory.

You have also the possibility to insert a telefonnumber, a faxnumber, an email and a webpage. None of them is obligatory, but you have to insert countries, which you can hide on your website.

Next to the phone number field there is a checkbox called "active call". The active call allows smartphone or Skype users to simply click on the phone number on their screen to call PI. Activate this checkbox in order to include this function to your address.

Selecting the item Exhibition

If you want to create an exhibition item for a new trade fair you want to show on your front page and exhibition overview page, you can choose the item Exhibition, indicated by the black arrow in the storage you want to create it.

Inserting the infos you want to show

- Black arrow: Insert the title of the trade fair and the city it will take place

- Green arrow: Insert the country where the trade fair takes place

- Red arrow: Insert an image that will appear as an overview image for the trade fair. Edit it to be in 16:9 format.

- Blue arrow: Here you can insert a link the automatic inserted text: "To the exhibition page" will lead you. So we suggest to insert the link of the homepage of the trade fair

- Violet arrow: Insert starting end ending date of the trade fair. The preview won't appear automatically after the end date.